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My New Normal

This new me, this new studio, this shiny new life, has been a long time coming; although, I can honestly say it's always been there buried beneath the pretense of my various lives (more on that in a minute) - I've seen glints and glimmers of it. Life hasn't exactly been difficult, Source has always provided for me. But, it was such a long time coming because I always doubted myself (we'll save that for a different blog post), but at the same time, I knew deep down a monumental change was inevitable, because who can live with a guise covering their own truth forever?

How the Divine Universal Consciousness finally grabbed my attention was by how quickly it has all manifested. These past handful of months have seen a flurry of parallel, yet vastly different, personal paradigms flipped on their heads - all leading me to my truest passions paired with my truest dreams. (Pronoia and conscious manifestation WORK, like, for real.)

I've always been fascinated with the human body and what it's capable of (my favorite subject in school was physiology), and I've enjoyed pushing my own body to extremes, like running marathons and scuba diving, just to see if I had what it took. This past month in Nosara, Costa Rica at the Nexus Institute for Yoga and Wellness, the participation in the training and new friendships helped me crash through all kinds of boundaries - emotional, mental, spiritual, and certainly physical. And, I got out of the experience exactly what I hoped - to see myself turned inside out, and the true me come running out of the gate.

Personally, I very much believe in reincarnation, and I believe we reincarnate in each lifetime a dozen times, if not more. I think this shiny new life, and shiny new me, was a reincarnation that I was fighting against because, even though I've always espoused that all change is for the better, I was really afraid and nervous. Plus, I've always had the willpower of a Zen master. But a time came when I was more scared and anxious about my present than of the changes on the horizon. So, I jumped. And it was from really, really great height...

It's certainly been the most challenging rebirth to date, but also the most rewarding. I'm more proud of, more sure of, and more confident in myself than any time in my past 48 years. And that fear and anxiety I've dealt with for so long? It's been replaced with excitement and celebrations and gratitude! So much gratitude! I can't wait to actually open the doors to the new studio to friends and family and a new tribe of fantastic, manifesting human beings!

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